All of Me, Loves all of God

21 Apr 2015 6:51 PM | Anonymous

This Month's Bible Study's focus is about experiencing God in our lives.  The scriptures we focused on were Romans 12:1-2 and Mark 12:30.  

As Christians we are to Love God with all that we are.  The other night one of the Middle school students even started to sing the chorus to John Legend's "All of Me" lyrics.  All of Me should love all of God, We should give all we have and want to receive all God has to offer.

In this busy world it is easy to get caught up in our hectic schedules. It is hard to make time for God.  One of our experiences was a ten minute guided prayer time.  Some students thought that the ten minutes went by fast and others felt it was forever.  In reality ten minutes is nothing to give up to God.  

I try to spend time through out the day to talk with God, and focus on A scripture but even I find myself putting God on the back burner.  I have my phone remind me at the end of the day to spend an hour in prayer and devotion.  My challenge to Students this month is to make time to experience God, to communicate with him, and be silent.

Communicating with our Father in heaven is critical.  I am often reminded of this when I visit with my parents or Grandparents, They always ask what have I been up to?  They remind me that it has been awhile since I have seen them, or that I should call more often and let them know how things are going.  It's not just that,  like God, my parents want open communication with us.  Parents need to, not only hear from us, but need to talk with us.  My parents know I am busy with work, and as a Part time Children's and youth minister (Which often feels like a second full time Job).  I am always on the go, with little down time.  I fail to recognize that there are ones out their that I can share my joys, sorrows, and frustrations with.  In return I receive wisdom from someone who has been through it before or willing to offer solid advice.

God knows exactly what I'm going through to.  He wants needs us to pause... take a breath... a minute... an hour... and be in his presence. Let him know what you need, what others need, where your struggles are, what your are thankful for.  And then he needs you to be silent and listen for that still small voice.

I am amazed that my parents were able to find time for God with six kids running around the house. I recall dropping by the house a couple of years ago I waltzed right through the front door to be shocked to find both my parents on the couch in the living room holding hands, Bibles open, and Praying.  That is the passion and dedication I try to model myself after.

Parents! I challenge you to Read these passages from our study this month, spend some time with God, share with your kids your thoughts on the passages and then encourage your children to do the same.  

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church,  Myersville  MD
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