What to expect
when coming to visit...

Coming to a new place, especially a church can be a little intimidating. You may have a lot of questions; what are the people like? what kind of music do they worship with? are kids welcome? 
So to help answer such questions, here are a few things you can expect to encounter when you come to worship with us.

What style is the service in? 

Our worship style traditional(ish). That means that the service follows a similar pattern every Sunday that includes a prayer or two, hymns sung from our hymnals, an anthem by our choir, an offering, scripture readings and a sermon. However the atmosphere is very relaxed. This is the reason for the "(ish)" following "traditional". 

What is it like inside the church? 

Our sanctuary is mid-sized (or large, depending on who you ask), that can fit close to 175 or 200 people (depending on the size of the people. The sanctuary retains much of it's historic charm and beauty. The interior space is lit by many stained glass windows, each with it's own story to tell (our previous pastor even wrote a number of sermons about them!) There is plenty of seating in the padded pews. 

Bathrooms are available downstairs and upstairs in the classroom spaces adjacent to the sanctuary, and also in our fellowship hall.

Our children's church and nursery are also located in the classroom space adjacent to the sanctuary, upstairs.

What should I wear? 

There is no such thing as a dress code for worship. Some folks wear a shirt and tie, others wear t-shirts and jeans. Come however you feel most comfortable when worshiping God with others.

What is the music like? 

 We sing mostly from the our hymnal. We also are blessed with a number of wonderful musicians who contribute to our worship music. We think hymns are great because they're full of really deep lyrics if you listen, and mostly they're easy to sing along to.

What about my kids?  

We think kids are awesome, and they are always welcome to be in worship with the rest of us! We encourage children to come to worship; to sing, to hear the scriptures read, and to share their prayer concerns and joys. Yes, kids make noise - so what? It's a sign that God has brought a little life into our church and we're grateful for it! 

If you or your children would prefer, during worship we do have a nursery for infants to children age 6, and Children's Church for kids 7 and up.

What is your pastor like?  

Go to the "Pastor Mike's Page" page for more info.

Can I take Communion?  

 We celebrate Communion (or the Lord's Supper) on the first Sunday of every month and sometimes more. Everyone who wants to connect to the love Jesus has for them is welcome to come forward. That means everyone. You don't even have to be a Christian. We welcome children to partake, but we wait for an OK from their grown up first. 

What if I get there late?

 You won't be the only one, and late is better than never, right? We don't mind, just come on in and find a seat.

Where can I park? 

Our small parking lot fills up quick. There is usually some street paring available. We also have an overflow parking area across the street

Where do I enter? 

The main entrance on Main Street goes into a small area called a "Narthex", where we keep bulletins, and have drop off locations for donations for several outreach projects. Go through here and you enter directly into the sanctuary. There is a single side door as well that enters a hallway, go to the right to go to the fellowship hall, go straight through to enter the church offices.


Is the church handicapped accessible? 

Yes, we have a ramp that goes from the parking lot towards the side entrance. This takes you through the church offices to go towards the sanctuary.

Um...I need to use the bathroom...where is it? Too much coffee before you got here? We totally understand. Our bathrooms are located downstairs and upstairs in the classroom spaces adjacent to the sanctuary. 

Any other questions? Feel free to  contact us here.

The inside of our sanctuary. 

Jesus liked kids, and so do we!

(from one of our stained glass windows)


 The main entrance in the    front of our church.

The side entrance from the parking lot with ramp to the parking lot.

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church,  Myersville  MD
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